What To Consider When Choosing Your Ideal Bridal Jewelry

On the wedding day, everything should be perfect: ceremony, photo session, banquet, dance of the young… And of course, the bride should be the most beautiful and magical. Still, it’s her day! But, unfortunately, in the pursuit of perfection and the desire to be the most, there is a risk of going too far.

Often the reason for an unsuccessful wedding look is the jewelry. Choosing jewelry is a whole art, subtle and not subject to everyone, and combining them with a wedding dress is generally a very delicate task. The fact is that the bride’s outfit is usually full of details – rhinestones, openwork, embroidery, draperies, flowers, so you can go too far with decorations and notice it only in wedding photos.

The Main Rule for The Selection of Bridal Jewelry in Singapore

It is very simple: the more details on the wedding dress, the more invisible the jewelry should be. Conversely, an unpretentious open dress made of smooth flowing fabric can be safely supplemented with catchy earrings and bracelets.

The style of the bride’s jewelry also depends on her image. We have made a small selection for you with recommendations on which jewelry will suit this or that wedding look.

There are no ugly brides. For, regardless of the wedding image, the shine of happy eyes remains the main decoration of every girl. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the collections of bridal jewellery Singapore that will help emphasize this brilliance, and with all our hearts we wish your future family love and harmony.



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