4 Fun DIY Decor Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram: Glamourous and hipster decorations adorning a glittery photo wall, and a dessert table set in front. Beautiful, yes. But expensive? Probably!

Having the full-fledged party decor arsenal can cost a decent sum if you don’t source carefully for reasonably priced party wares. Yet, for the convenience and aesthetics, many of us willingly pay the price.

But if you have a few more hands on deck, DIY-ing your party decor actually doesn’t have to be too costly or difficult. If you want to save a couple of bucks on your next birthday party, why not try your hands at these DIY decor ideas?


Buntings are those cute triangular flags that are typically hung banner-style across walls. Colourful buntings are the perfect addition for transporting your party to a vibrant carnival setting. Or perhaps you might want to use burlap material for a rustic vibe.

You can easily make buntings with some paper or fabric and string. Simply cut up isosceles triangles and attach the short side of each triangle to the string by sewing or glueing. Add a personal touch by spelling out the birthday boy or girl’s name on the buntings for a wonderful photo wall backdrop!

Balloon bouquets

Balloon bouquets are not just for the experts! For the minimal amount of effort, balloon bouquets look amazing when a pair is used to frame the doorway, food table, or photo wall. All you need to do is attach a couple of helium balloons using a string to an anchor weight, keeping in mind to vary the heights of the balloons.

The most critical part is probably selecting the balloon colours and styles. Use your aesthetic sense to pick out 2-3 colours, and you can add interest by choosing different visual textures like marbled balloons, confetti balloons, or metallic-coloured balloons. And don’t forget – these need to be helium balloons! You can buy filled helium balloons in Singapore at most party supply shops if you don’t want to get a helium tank just for this.

Fairy lights

Honestly, you don’t even need to really do anything with these for them to look oh-so-gorgeous. Loosely coil them around the display items on your reception table, or hang them along the sides of table skirtings.

For an even more impactful design, you can build your own light wall using multiple strings of fairy lights. Just hang them from ceiling to floor in an evenly spaced straight line, and you will transform the space into a spectacular light show! The best thing is, fairy lights are super budget-friendly!

Crepe paper photo wall

Making your own photo wall is pretty easy with some crepe paper streamers – and they are readily available already cut to size for you! The hardest part is probably figuring out how to hang them. One method is to stick removable wall hooks at two ends of the wall, attach a string across, and then hang the streamers up on the string.

There’s plenty you can play around with. Mix and match colours for a unique backdrop, and you can also stagger the lengths for a more organic feel. Get a few alphabet balloons for ‘happy birthday’ or the birthday boy or girl’s name to add to the backdrop, and you’ve got the perfect centrepiece for the party!

And that’s it! These DIY ideas don’t require a lot of materials or cost, and just a bit more time and effort on your part. If you have a trusty party planning team working on this together, you’ll probably have it all up in no time!

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