Several Tips To Increase And Maximize Your Home’s Value

Are you watching the new Treasure at Tampines launch and thinking of selling your home for an upgrade? While Treasure at Tampines prices are a steal for that quality of luxurious living, it is understandable that any homeowner wishing to sell their property hopes to sell it at the best possible price. Several factors directly influence the selling price of your home, some of which include the location and locality, the floor your apartment is on (for high-rise apartments), the floor plan of your home, and age-related factors like the remaining lease or minimum occupancy period of the home. While these conditions cannot be changed since you already own the home, there are still some steps you can take to maximize the value of your home before putting it up for sale.

Below we suggest some steps you can consider taking to make sure your home is optimized to sell at its best possible price.

Know the value of your home

Before you even put your home up for sale, you need to know how much to ask for your home. Conduct some research on the selling price for recent property resales and balance unit sales and study the market. It is also a good idea to consult a property agent, especially if you are unfamiliar with the property realm. Knowing the value of your home will help you ask for a price that is worthy for your home, so you don’t end up shortchanging yourself by setting a lower-than-valued price.

Get things fixed

Nobody wants to buy a home that is falling apart, especially if they have a choice for something that is better furnished. Now’s the time to get those broken doors, leaking taps, and popping tiles fixed. A home in good condition will be sold for a better price, and it is suitable for those seeking immediate move-in. Although this means spending a bit of money to repair and replace items in your home, it goes a long way in increasing the value of your home and ensuring you get a better deal.

Neutral interior

Neutral is the way to go when preparing your home for sale. This means painting your walls a neutral white or cream colour, having minimal custom-made renovations, and simple, functional furniture. On one hand, this gives buyers the freedom to further style the home to their own liking later on, without having to spend extra to ‘undo’ what you have done. On the other hand, some buyers are simply looking for a home to move in, and a home interior that is not to their liking will turn them off from buying it.

Keep it clean

This goes without saying. An unkempt home will deter potential buyers from your home. If they are even willing to step in to conduct a viewing of your home, they are likely to ask for a lower price, considering the amount they would need to spend later on to perform a thorough cleaning. Take some time to clean out your home before putting it up for sale. This includes decluttering your home, and removing dust and mold.

Take good photos

Make your home look its money’s worth! And this means making a good impression right off the bat, starting from the images in your sales listing. These days, property scourers begin their search online, and the quality of your photos can determine if they click through to view your home, or scroll right past. If a potential buyer sees a dark, grimy, or visibly aged home through the photos, they are likely to ask for a lower price, or be unwilling to spend a high price on such a home. Ensure that photos of the home look bright and clean, and of course this also means cleaning up your space before snapping away. If required, consider hiring a professional photographer. Don’t shortchange yourself, and take this simple step to increase the value of your home instantly.

Now you know how to maximize the value of your home, it’s time to get down to work to try them out! Best of luck in selling your home!

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