How Nose Fillers Work?

In case, patients are not ready to commit to surgery, doctors recommend going for nose fillers to get comparable results. Although a non-surgical treatment is not long lasting, it does provide an alternative lasting result that lasts for several months.

These nose enhancements dramatically improve the life quality of people, who experience insecurities related to the shape and size of their nose. Most of the doctors recommend hyaluronic acid-based nose fillers, which are injected into the skin. The reason behind choosing these products is the chemical compounds present in them.

The range of Teosyal hyaluronic acid offers products, which are free from animal testing and animal by-products. These products are biocompatible and provide immediate visible results. Here are some FAQs regarding nose fillers!

What do nose fillers constitute?

Nose fillers constitute non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid.

How are nose fillers made?

These nose fillers are usually made through the bacterial fermentation of streptococci bacteria.

Is a skin test needed before this non-surgical treatment?

No, you are not required to go through any skin test for this non-surgical procedure. Hyaluronic acid is totally made of non-animal source, which made these nose fillers non-allergenic. Before injection, there is no allergy test required.

Are nose fillers long lasting or temporary?

Nose fillers are temporary due to the complete metabolism of hyaluronic acid within the skin over a certain period of time. Nose fillers last up to 9 to 12 months. Hence, your skin will be free of the injectable product after that period. So, one can opt for Singapore nose fillers and acne scar treatment in Singapore without thinking much.

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