How To Choose The Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier

When searching for commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore, online research is the obvious place to start. However, what should you be looking out for in potential business partners? Read on to find out how you can choose the most suitable kitchen equipment supplier.

Local Presence

In today’s world of seamless connectivity and borderless trade, commercial kitchen equipment suppliers will have access to the worldwide market – you may even be able to buy something from a store halfway across the globe!  Certain suppliers may be able to keep their product prices low, and tempting as it may be, consider first if the company has a local presence. This is important, especially when dealing with issues regarding warranty and equipment maintenance. So be sure to choose your suppliers wisely.

Range of Products

With diversity, you get a wider range to choose from and will be able to find one best suited to your needs. However, if your supplier does not have an adequate inventory, you’ll have to look for a different supplier for each product, using more time and effort that you could potentially spend on developing your business.

Therefore, it is important to check out their catalogue and what they have to offer before deciding on a supplier.

Technical Support and Warranties

As mentioned, commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore usually offer technical support and warranties for the products they sell. This is important for many larger equipment such as freezers and grills are often used round the clock every day. Plus, maintenance costs may add up if they’re not already covered by the suppliers! For a peace of mind, make sure that post-purchase service and regular checkups are covered, so you won’t have to worry about getting a last minute replacement!

Customer Reviews

A supplier with good reviews is likely to be better in terms of quality or service, and more trustworthy too. For smaller products that you have to stock regularly such as paper plates of cleaning supplies, keep an eye out for suppliers with the best rating and reputation. You want someone you’d be dealing with frequently to be reliable.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Specific commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore. are recognised by equipment manufacturers as official distributors. If you have a particular brand or product in mind, check the manufacturer’s site for recommended suppliers in your country. This can help you cut down on the middleman’s fee and give a guarantee of product quality!

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