Top 5 Night Activities in Singapore


Singapore bustles with activity all day round. People are alive and kicking till late in the night in this city. There is an array of activities that the city offers and there are many restaurants, gyms and malls that open till late in the night. This makes room for endless fun and frolic and amazing options that you can use to kill your time. We have listed a few fun activities you can indulge in after dawn!

Escape Room Games

This is one of the best activity that can be done in Peace Centre. This shopping centre houses many escape rooms which are occupied on Fridays and Saturdays. People who like adventure games will enjoy this a lot. This involves cracking clues and escaping from a room before you run out of time. The two best escape rooms in Peace Centre are Lost SG and Hideout.

Lost SG is a level higher than usual escape rooms. Apart from many puzzles, it makes use of virtual AR (Augmented Reality) technology. In order to escape you will have to make use of your IQ and have an eye for detail. This is mostly recommended for team bonding exercises.

Hideout is another well known Escape Room in Peace Centre. Apart from these escaping games, this spot offers console and board games. The rooms of this gaming centre are huge and well decorated. You can also buy snacks to eat while you play.

Go Prawning

If you wish to do something quieter, you can go prawn fishing. This is a popular sport among people of all ages. Centres like Hai Bin and Pasir Ris Farmway provide you with all the necessary equipment required to go prawning. The best part about this activity is that you can grill and eat the prawns you have caught.

Relax on Southern Ridges

Southern Ridges are an amalgamation of beauty and art. 9km long, these bridges take you through Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park, Mount Faber Park and West Coast Park. These ridges also comprise of foot trails, Henderson waves and connection bridges. The bridge looks its best when it is lit creating a good atmosphere for taking a walk and having some drinks.

Keppel Island

Located off the coast of Singapore and located close to the narrow bridge is Keppel Island. Visited by the rich and famous frequently, the place is lined by yachts. The scenery of this island is mesmerizing, and it is surrounded by attractions Harbourfront and Sentosa. When you arrive at Harbourfront MRT, you can take Exit B and go down Telok Blangah Road to enter Keppel Island.

Garden Rhapsody Light Show

This Garden Rhapsody Light Show will leave you bedazzled. The Supertrees and bushes here are lit up to the tune of some foot tapping music. This light and sound show is frequented by many tourists. Located in Gardens near the Bay, Supertree Grove looks like a scene straight out of the famous Hollywood movie Avatar. Comprising of 12 trees, this is one of the best free night activities!

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